Sidewalk Replacement Program

The Mayor and the City Council are aware of the City's aging sidewalk infrastructure. Per the City ordinance, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and repair sidewalks. In an effort to offset some of the cost to the homeowner, a sidewalk replacement program has been implemented. There is limited funding for this work and work will be prioritized based on need.

Cost & Labor

The Portage Street Department will provide the labor required to replace the sidewalks. The homeowner is responsible for the cost of the material. The material price is set at $5 per square foot. Multiply the length and the width of your sidewalk and multiply that figure by $5. That is the cost you would pay the City to replace your sidewalk.


Sidewalks that are eligible for replacement are those that may be a hazard. Cosmetic damage is not a hazard. If only a few squares of a larger length of sidewalk are damaged only the hazardous ones will be replaced. If you are interested in additional work on your private property, contact a licensed contractor. 


The Street Department will remove existing concrete, install sub-base, form and pour new concrete for sidewalks along the right-of-way only. They will not perform work on driveways, porches, patios, or sidewalks other than sidewalks that are located within the road right-of-way. If tree roots are the cause of the damage, they will remove the root only, they will not remove the tree. Once the City has determined that you meet the criteria, you will be asked to fill out an agreement at the City's Department of Community Development and you will be placed on a priority list. The Street Department will try to replace the worst cases first.

Additional Information