Bottlecaps to Benches Program

Bottlecaps to benches program!

The Portage Parks Department is a drop-off place for plastic caps and plastic lids. You can drop them off at Woodland park!  Contact [email protected] for more information!




medicine bottle caps

drink bottle caps

soda,water, juice

caps, sports drink

milk jug, creamer caps flip-top caps

detergent caps spout caps

hair spray caps

spray paint caps

toothpaste caps

ointment tube caps

deodorant caps

baby food caps

apple sauce pouch caps

shampoo/conditioner caps

Cottage cheese

yogurt lids

cool whip container


Pringle can lids

mayonnaise jar lids

peanut butter lids

coffee can lids

Butter lids

Ice cream bucket lids

“under 8” in


cream cheese

container lids

Spice lids